Jacki Schromm

Bartender, Lion's Tail & Yellow Door Taqueria

Jacki Schromm has been moving, stirring, and shaking within the Boston hospitality scene since she moved here from Jacksonville, Florida eight years ago. Jacki’s career within the industry began when she was a teenager serving pizza at a mom and pop shop down south and has since afforded her experience within award winning restaurants and high energy bars.

Her passion, dedication and drive has led her to a dual role as Assistant General Manager of the Lion’s Tail, located in the south end, and Yellow Door Taqueria, located in Lower Mills.  When she’s not making magic happen at either of those spots, she’s further pursuing her passion for all things hospitality in and around the city of Boston.  If you see her at a bar near you, be sure to crack open her go-to shift drink, an ice cold Bud Heavy.

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